Sunday, April 1, 2007

RAFT: show don't tell

When you get to my favorite place you walk up the side walk that is somewhat cracked and has old leaves that have blown off the trees on it. There are cactuses of all shapes and sizes up the side walk. you get to a black metal gate that is somewhat rusted and it scratches the ground when you pull it open. The ground is a little rusty from that. then you get onto a deck that has red bricks on the ground that are all bumped up from tree truncks from the tree in the middle of the deck. there is a screen door that has a weird kind of knob that you have to turn weird to get in. the house from the outside looks like a white/cream color and has a red roof. The house is in a condo like structure and has some more buildings connected to it as well. This place is really nice and has warm weather all the time. It is right by the mountains and has a great view of them. there is alot of grass in the front of the house with a shuffel board court in the front. and there is a pool down the street that belongs to the house.

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