Monday, March 19, 2007

RAFT: spring break

Spring Break started on Friday. We had finals on wed and Thurs. but i had to wait until Monday to leave for vacation. i went to Orlando Florida with my friend Caitlin. we stayed in Kissimee. it is about 10min from Orlando. we were in a nice condo. when we were there we went to Universal Studios for 2 days. Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday was Caitlin's birthday. but we didn't celebrate it until the next day. we went out to eat at Fridays. Caitlin's step dad said that it was her birthday to them and she had to stand on the table while everyone sung happy birthday to her. it was really funny because then the fire alarms went off. but it was OK someone hit it on the way out of the restaurant. that day it was raining too, but for them when it rains it only rains for about like 10-15Min's. then Friday we just stayed in the condo and packed and watched TV. we went to the airport at 6:30 and returned the car to the car rental, checked our bags, then we ate at the food court. we had pizza and krispy kreams lol. after that we went in security and got done with that. we had an hour before the plane was going to come. but it turns out it was going to be another hour because the plane was held up somewhere in Mexico. but we ended up landing at home at about 12 and we ended up getting home at 1:30. i slept when i was on the plane so when i got home all i did was watch some movies because everyone else was sleeping lol. but i would have wanted to go to my house in Arizona. i like it down there.