Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotations: 8

There was an animal Enterprise Terrorism act. that is where it's illegal to threaten animal researchers or their family. It is horrible how people have been treating the animal researchers. they have been threatening and everything like that. They use primates for medical testing and other animals like that in the Madison clinic.

Annotations: 7

This article thinks that it is a good idea to do animal testings. and they think that it is beneficial to do it. but i do disagree with this article. they think that it is the safest way to do testings. They say that it is a good thing to do since millions of people are dying of diseases and that the only way is to have this be tested on animals. but there are problems with that. He does think that the testings will be moved to having done by computers but he doesn't think that will be done for maybe another 20 years or so... He thinks "there is a moral obligation to do medical experiments on animals."

Annotations: 6

There are many new inventions to help animal testing. One of them are the 1in x 1in square of cells that are used with testing. They mimic the use of the human body. this can help the animal testing too. we can test on that since it is way more like the human since it comes from humans than it would be to test animals. there could be something different with animals that can effect how it would be on humans. it is much safer for everyone if it is tested on something that is more like humans than animals are.

Annotations: 5

There is a new company that is making changes to make artificial hearts and things like that to be tested on instead of animals. There was an articial heart made about 20 years ago. if there are many more of these things made then it will get rid of the 50 to 100 million animals being tested every year. this is a great new invention and it will be very helpful to the animals being tested. There is also computer software that is used to replicate the tissue and skin, things like that. And it can be used instead of animal testing. this is also a great invention as well. but a lot of people don't think that reducin animals testing is a good outcome or goal. and many people don't think it will happen

Annotations: 4

There is something going around that the donations to charities and things like that may go to animal testing. many people are making sure that they check where their money is going to make sure it goes to a better, more innovation research then animal testing. No health charity has to have animal testing. There is no good animal testing. it does hurt them. but donations do help animals but don't go to animal testing.

Annotations: 3

There is a group called ADI and they are here to stop animals testing and to help stop animals in entertainment. there is many things that needs to be stopped for animals. ADI is mostly trying to help this with primates but they are also helping other animals as much as they can. there are many groups out there like this and they are all wanting to help animals. LDF helped to stop the studys of animal brain scans too.

Annotations: 2

In this article there is a group of people called PETA that has been thinking of ways to change things so that there are no more animal testing. for example the medical schools in England have not used animals for testing in over 100 years. but PETA has been thinking of ways that are safer for animals and humans in the ways products are tested. they are even starting to use cell cultures. but the ways we can all help is to read labels and try not to buy any products that have been tested on animals.

Friday, April 20, 2007


there are many ways that you can see what products have been tested on animals or not. but the food and drug administration won't sell any over the counter drugs without them being tested on animals. there have been many improvements that have been made so that there won't have to be that many animal testings. There is a way where you can take human cells and reproduce them and then take those and have the tests on that. it doesn't hurt anyone and it makes the same tests. and it may even be More effective since its being tested on humans instead of the animals. then animals are not the ones using the product being tested.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

RAFT: show don't tell

When you get to my favorite place you walk up the side walk that is somewhat cracked and has old leaves that have blown off the trees on it. There are cactuses of all shapes and sizes up the side walk. you get to a black metal gate that is somewhat rusted and it scratches the ground when you pull it open. The ground is a little rusty from that. then you get onto a deck that has red bricks on the ground that are all bumped up from tree truncks from the tree in the middle of the deck. there is a screen door that has a weird kind of knob that you have to turn weird to get in. the house from the outside looks like a white/cream color and has a red roof. The house is in a condo like structure and has some more buildings connected to it as well. This place is really nice and has warm weather all the time. It is right by the mountains and has a great view of them. there is alot of grass in the front of the house with a shuffel board court in the front. and there is a pool down the street that belongs to the house.