Thursday, May 3, 2007

outline of paper

There are many alternatives to animal testing. There are selective formulation, human cultures, physiological chip, cellular tests, microdosing. These are very helpful to stop all the pain there has been to animals, especially rabbits. There are also some groups and other programs that are here to help stop the animals being tested.
Selective Formulation is where you pick things that has been tested and you make something new. It stops the need to test more. There are many companies that have started to use this process. They need to use this to help with their product lines and making sure that is isn't being used with animals.
Human Cultures are used with Epiderm and EpiSkin. Those are where human cells are grown in test tubes. They are made to be a replica of human cells. These are very helpful. They are the same as human cells so then you can test make-up and cleaning products on them instead of using the skin of animals like rabbits. There is also another test tube test called Corrositex. That is used in the same way, but has a gird to see color changes. EpiOcular is a small layer of skin that is put together to be made to be like a cornea and that EpiOcular test can be used to do the same tests that are done on the rabbits cornea, its very helpful because the tests can be more accurate because its a "human cornea" not a rabbits. These test can also have the skin be taken from a person who is having surgery. they can take the skin from surgeries like Breast-reduction. Skin taken from surgeries are the main kind of tissue available at the NDRI. The NDRI is like a blood bank but only for tissue. Its non-profit and has more than 100 types of different kind of tissues. The NDRI and this other group called Asterand both give human skin cells to be researched.
There is also a physiological chip. all this is is basically a microchip of humans. it is 1x1 inch and it has skin cells. these chips mimic the what the human body does. So then it can be used to test medicines and other things like that and be very accurate to a human. They can also test on the organs in the body like the liver to test what effects certain things have on it. This chip was made by Hurel Corporation in Beverly Hills California.
The Cellular test is where it uses white blood cells and they put different things in with them like chemicals and then that will help to show if there is any fever or any other side effect from the chemicals. That is especially used for things like intravenous injection medications. This is used in replace of rabbits tests. In Europe they approved five of these tests.
Then the Mircodosing test is where they get a person to get injections of something. but its a very small amount and then the researchers tract how it is taken in by the body. there are no animals involved and there are only volunteered people to do this.
There are also many groups availible that try and help with stopping animal testing. one of thos groups is the PETA. They PETA help with other groups and some doctors to stop testing and killing animals. PETA is showing the world that there are other ways to test products that don't involve animals and that are cheaper and safer in then end for humans. There is medical schools in England that have not used animal tesing in over 100 years. There are also many companies that dont use animals as testing. they use the other tests that are availible.
The ADI is a group that has been protesting animal testing and animals in entertainment all over the world. They help in animal rescue and help educate people on animal testing for many years. The ADI has been a major part of the stopping animal testing and has had many undercover investigations and many legal hearings and has showed how animals are treated and that has lead to many campanins and other hearings to stop this. The ADI is mostly helping monkeys and perimates. but they also help find other ways to test products that don't involve animals. The ADI is a part of LDF which is Fund for Humane Research.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotations: 8

There was an animal Enterprise Terrorism act. that is where it's illegal to threaten animal researchers or their family. It is horrible how people have been treating the animal researchers. they have been threatening and everything like that. They use primates for medical testing and other animals like that in the Madison clinic.

Annotations: 7

This article thinks that it is a good idea to do animal testings. and they think that it is beneficial to do it. but i do disagree with this article. they think that it is the safest way to do testings. They say that it is a good thing to do since millions of people are dying of diseases and that the only way is to have this be tested on animals. but there are problems with that. He does think that the testings will be moved to having done by computers but he doesn't think that will be done for maybe another 20 years or so... He thinks "there is a moral obligation to do medical experiments on animals."

Annotations: 6

There are many new inventions to help animal testing. One of them are the 1in x 1in square of cells that are used with testing. They mimic the use of the human body. this can help the animal testing too. we can test on that since it is way more like the human since it comes from humans than it would be to test animals. there could be something different with animals that can effect how it would be on humans. it is much safer for everyone if it is tested on something that is more like humans than animals are.

Annotations: 5

There is a new company that is making changes to make artificial hearts and things like that to be tested on instead of animals. There was an articial heart made about 20 years ago. if there are many more of these things made then it will get rid of the 50 to 100 million animals being tested every year. this is a great new invention and it will be very helpful to the animals being tested. There is also computer software that is used to replicate the tissue and skin, things like that. And it can be used instead of animal testing. this is also a great invention as well. but a lot of people don't think that reducin animals testing is a good outcome or goal. and many people don't think it will happen

Annotations: 4

There is something going around that the donations to charities and things like that may go to animal testing. many people are making sure that they check where their money is going to make sure it goes to a better, more innovation research then animal testing. No health charity has to have animal testing. There is no good animal testing. it does hurt them. but donations do help animals but don't go to animal testing.

Annotations: 3

There is a group called ADI and they are here to stop animals testing and to help stop animals in entertainment. there is many things that needs to be stopped for animals. ADI is mostly trying to help this with primates but they are also helping other animals as much as they can. there are many groups out there like this and they are all wanting to help animals. LDF helped to stop the studys of animal brain scans too.