Sunday, February 11, 2007

DAY 5- Global Warming as an Alarmist


There are many problems in the World with global warming and things like that. global warming is effecting the temperature of the earth that is helping the ice caps melt. if they were to melt that would be really bad for the planet. the ocean levels would increase by a lot and it would cover some of the land and putting some major cities under water. Global warming is an effect of something called green house gasses. they are cause by everyday pollution. it is causing there to be a hole in the ozone which helps keep some of the suns rays away. so that's why its getting so much warmer. once that happens like i said the ice caps will melt. not only to cover parts of the earth and put it under water it would also cause the extinction of many animals that live on the ice. polar bears already have seen a decrease in the amount of them. we need to start doing something now to help this so it doesn't get any worse.

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